First Plug-in for RealSystem G2 Introduced

QSound Labs, Inc. this week announced an agreement with RealNetworks Inc. under which they will develop iQ Effects, a new software program designed to enhance audio content transmitted over the Internet.

iQ Effects has been designed to work specifically with the RealNetworks’ RealPlayer G2 and RealPlayer Plus G2. The program will be the first “third party” plug-in to be integrated into the RealPlayer G2 technology.

The product is based on QSound’s first Internet product, iQ. iQ Effects enables end users to experience an expanded 3D audio experience specifically designed for streaming Internet audio. The plug-in downloads automatically into the RealSystem G2 platform, integrates itself into the RealPlayer user interface, and has many new features that up to now have been unavailable on any other QSound product.

The two companies expect to release iQ Effects early in 3Q98.

For more information about G2 and SMIL, read the Guide to G2/SMIL, or visit the RealNetworks Web site.

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