Flatland Online Announces 3DML

Flatland Online, Inc. this week announced the release of 3DML (Three-Dimensional Markup Language) and the Flatland Rover software. 3DML, a new markup language developed by Flatland, will enable developers to create three-dimensional content for the Web. Flatland Rover is a Web browser plug-in that displays 3DML content.

3DML pages, or “spots,” are customizable, fully navigable, virtual environments which utilize images, text, animation, sound and hyperlinks. A 3DML developer does not need any previous 3D modeling or programming experience; 3DML is said to be as easy to learn as HTML. The language uses a “basic building block” metaphor that allows users to create 3D spaces by turning ready made blocks into complete 3D environments.

The Flatland Rover is available for free download from the company’s Web site, along with tutorials and 3DML building guides. Rover features a user interface, integration with most Web browsers and high-speed display of 3DML content using a variety of colors, dynamic lighting and sound.

For additional information, or to download the Flatland Rover, visit the Flatland Online Web site.

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