Fookes Software Releases NoteTab 4.2 for Serious Coders

Fookes Software this week released
NoteTab Pro v. 4.52, the latest version of its “HTML editor on steroids”
for Windows 95/98/NT.

NoteTab is capable of handling multiple files and utilizes notebook-style
tabs for switching from one file to another while editing.
NoteTab is the perfect tool for HTML editing. The product’s Clip Wizards
enable the developer to set up shortcuts and macros for any programming
language, with support for HTML already built in. HTML tags are
highlighted, and you can preview the current page using up to three
different Web browsers. NoteTab supports automatic indenting and enables
the developer to strip HTML tags, sort lines and change case.

This multi-use utility allows sophisticated search-and-replaces with
multiple-level undo and redo. The toolbar is configurable and features
shortcut menus. The tool also supports printing with adjustable margins,
page numbering, headers and footers. NoteTab even features a built-in
spell-checker and thesaurus.

There’s even a programmable Clipbook tool that enables the user to save
time and effort by quickly storing and retrieving often-used text. The
NoteTab Web site includes more than 100 Clipbook libraries that can be
downloaded for free. The product supports outlining, and has document
templates which the user is able to define and use over and over. The tool
loads up with lightening speed, and is also light on system resources.

NoteTab Pro v. 4.52 sells for a retail price of $19.95 and can be purchased
directly from the NoteTab Web site. To download a 30-day trial version of
NoteTab, or for additional information, visit the NoteTab Web site.

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