GIFCruncher Crunches Download Time

Spinwave Software
this week announced
the debut of GIFCruncher, its new free Web-based service that is said to
download times of Web sites up to 90%, by analyzing and optimizing the
color content of still and animated GIF images.

GIFCruncher was created by the developers of the HVS ColorGIF and HVS JPEG
plug-ins for Photoshop. The utility can optimize a GIF that is located on a
user’s hard drive, or one that is located on the Internet.

The basic functions of GIFCruncher are free and according to Spinwave
Software, developers of GIFCruncher, it will remain free. In GIFCruncher’s
Basic mode, it automatically generates several versions of a GIF image
showing progressive levels of optimization. The user is then able to save
the version that is the best combination of size and quality.

Spinwave has also formed a co-branding relationship with Mecklermedia’s
Visitors can utilize the service directly from, or on
the Web site.

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