Google Tunes Up App Engine for Multitenant Cloud

Google this week is souping up its App Engine, the search giant’s cloud-based application-delivery service. With version 1.3.6, Google has included a set of improvements that aim to streamline the provisioning work that is a necessary component of cloud-based apps.

Specifically, Google has improved support for multitenancy in the new version of the App Engine, enabling the provider to more easily serve unique versions of the same application to multiple users. takes a look.

Google this week is tuning up its App Engine cloud application delivery service, debuting a new version with enhancements that aim to simplify the task of provisioning concurrent users, improved image delivery and other features.

Among the major improvements in App Engine 1.3.6 is revamped multi-tenancy support. Multi-tenancy is a required component for cloud applications, enabling multiple users to leverage the same application.

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Google Revs App Engine for the Cloud

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