HoTMetaL App Server, Power Pack beta Unveiled

SoftQuad Inc. this week announced the release of the HoTMetaL Application Server and the HoTMetaL Power Pack beta.

The SoftQuad HoTMetaL Application Server is a server-based engine that
provides users with the ability to host dynamic Web applications with full security and low maintenance.

SoftQuad is targeting the HoTMetaL Application Server at professional hosting service providers and corporate Web sites, enabling developers to deploy browser-independent customer service, e-commerce, and personalized content applications.

The HoTMetaL Power Pack is a complete application development solution
that is used for creating and testing dynamic Web applications for HoTMetaL
Application Server. The tool uses the HoTMetaL Markup Language (HMML) to enable developers to immediately create secure, interactive Web applications.

The Power Pack also features a new “rules file” that lets developers create their own applications using SoftQuad’s professional Web authoring and publishing solution, HoTMetaL PRO 4.0.

The Power Pack includes the HoTMetaL Personal Server to facilitate the
testing of Web applications. Additionally, the Power Pack comes with HoTMetaL
Quick Apps and Power Parts, a variety of pre-built, customizable applications
and templates including a discussion forum, a mailing list and a link

The HoTMetaL Application Server supports the CGI versions of Sun Solaris 2.5,
BSDI3, and Linux 4.2, with additional platforms becoming available 3Q 1998. The product is available now and sells for a retail price of $495 per server.

To download the beta version of the Power Pack, or for more information about
the HoTMetaL Application Server, visit the SoftQuad Web site.

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