IBM Announces the Availability of Jikes Source Code

IBM this week announced the availability of Jikes, a fast and simple source code-to-byte code compiler which emphasizes adherence to the Java language specification.

The Jikes Parser Generator utilizes grammar-analysis and table-compression algorithms to create better table compression and automatic error recovery in Java applets and applications. Jikes is a parser generator which accepts an annotated description as input for a language’s grammar and produces text files that are suitable for use in a parser for that particular language. The technology of Jikes is functionally similar to the parser generators Yacc and Bison, already widely in use.

Additionally, Jikes provides support for diagnosis and recovery from syntactic errors automatically. The Jikes Parser Generator is able to generate parsers for LALR grammars, and can produce output which is suitable for use with Java, C, or C++ parsers.

For more information, or to download the Jikes Parser Generator, visit the Alphaworks Web site.

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