IBM Introduces WebSphere Performance Pack

IBM this week announced the first release of the IBM WebSphere Performance Pack software product, part of the company’s WebSphere product line of Web application servers.

The WebSphere Performance Pack is designed to enable administrators to achieve high performance in both local and global environments, and ensure that e-business applications can handle peak loads efficiently.

Web site applications that handle high volumes of traffic, such as those set up for the Olympics and the French Open, have utilized WebSphere Performance Pack technology to keep up with the high demands of the sites.

The Pack includes a combination of features such as load balancing, caching, proxy and filtering functions, and file content management and replication within a single Internet hosting infrastructure.

IBM said it is targeting the WebSphere Performance Pack at organizations looking to expand their capacity, manage existing systems, offer customers differentiated classes of service, and scale to deal with unexpected surges in Web traffic.

The WebSphere Performance Pack is available for Sun Solaris and IBM AIX for a retail price of $7,500 per “machine” or “node.” Additional information can be found at the WebSphere Performance Pack section of IBM’s Web site.

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