ILOG JViews Now Supports JDK 1.2

ILOG this week at
the Java Business Expo in New York announced it will support the JDK 1.2,
specifically Sun Microsystems’ Java 2D APIs, within ILOG JViews.

JViews is a fast, comprehensive solution for developing and maintaining
high-performance Java graphics interfaces.

Java 2D is one of the prominent features of Sun’s new Java Development Kit
(JDK) 1.2. This new feature adds low-level graphics primitives which
enhance the screen drawing capabilities. The upcoming release of ILOG
JViews will seamlessly support Java 2D and will utilize graphics objects
representing the actual elements of the application.

By supporting Java 2D in ILOG JViews, developers will be able to add rich
visualization capabilities to their Java applets and applications. This
will insure that the Java application’s screen will feature the fastest
zooming, panning, selection and redraw updates available.

Additionally, JViews supports Sun’s Swing, the reusable,
platform-independent JavaBeans components. It creates GUI form-based
elements, such as buttons and text fields. ILOG JViews adds an additional
level of visually rich capabilities to Swing. This provides developers with
the ability to create applications that use customized, visually-rich Java
interfaces with the same functionality of traditional applications.

ILOG is scheduled to release ILOG JViews with Java 2D support early next
month. Retail prices will begin at $6,500 for a single developer license.

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