Image Online Design Support New Top-Level Domains

Image Online Design Inc., better
known as the .Web Domain Registry, recently announced its support
for the creation of new Top-Level Domains (TLDs), saying that they agree
with the Names Council of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers’ desire to add new
Top-Level domains as soon as possible.

Image Online Design was a participant in the ICANN-chartered working group
which was brought together to discuss the possibility of adding new TLDs to
the Internet. The working group agreed with that the new TLDs need to be
added, and recommended that six to ten new TLDs be created. The Names
Council, which is responsible for forwarding the report to ICANN, agreed
with the consensus to add new domains, but further stated that the number
of new TLDs should be “small and carefully managed.”

The creation of new TLDs is of paramount importance to Image Online Design,
who has had an operational registry for .Web since 1996, when discussion
about adding new TLDs began. Image Online Design believes that its .Web
registry be added “as competition to Network Solutions’ .Com monopoly.” The
.Web registry, they say, could utilize the existing legal and procedural
infrastructures that already being used with .com.

“We feel that our .Web registry is the clear choice for the open aspect of
the initial roll-out of new domains,” said Image Online Design Founder,
Christopher Ambler, “.Web is the longest-standing pioneer registry, and is
the only registry that is currently operational and in a position to
compete with .com right now.” The company plans to release a position paper
later Tuesday, detailing its support for the new top-level
domains, along with a plan for adding new domains in a stable and measured

For additional informaiton about the current .Web Registry, visit Image
Online Design’s WebTLD Web site.

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