Inso Introduces New HTML Conversion Tool

Inso Corporation this week announced the release of Outside In Server 1.0, a Web server-based “on-demand” HTML conversion product.

The Outside In Server supports on-demand conversion to HTML, GIF, and JPEG from almost any business document, including the latest Microsoft, Lotus, and Corel office formats.

Inso said it designed Outside In to be highly integrated with Netscape and Microsoft Web servers. The server product automatically converts more than 200 Windows, Unix, Mac, and DOS file formats into the Web standard HTML, GIF, and JPEG format.

The Outside In Server enables word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, and presentation documents to be created and maintained in their native formats, yet be instantly available as HTML pages to Web visitors.

Outside In Server enables content stored in native formats to be converted dynamically into customized Web pages, based upon criteria that was previously specified by the designer. An example would be the way a page is viewed by a visitor; a Unix user may see a Microsoft Word document in their browser as a normal HTML page, while a Windows user would access the document in its native format, Microsoft Word.

Unlike other such tools, Outside In Server produces documents that appear the same as content designed for the Web. Corporate developers can still exploit both new and proprietary HTML tags, and can make modifications “quickly and easily” to the look of the Web page.

Outside In Server is available for Windows NT 4.0 and supports Microsoft IIS 3.0 or 4.0, Netscape FastTrack and Enterprise Server 3+, starting at $10,000.

For additional information or pricing, contact Inso at 800-733-5799 or visit the Inso Outside In Server Web site.

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