InstantOnline Gets Pure Java Certification

Gefion software this week announced the 100% Pure Java certification of its InstantOnline Basic database access product by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

InstantOnline Basic is marketed as a “standards-based solution for Web Browser database access.” By conforming to the Java Servlet API, JDBC and HTML 3.2 standards, InstantOnline Basic remains extremely portable and scalable. The product is actually a set of Servlets that have been embedded in Web pages using HTML-like <SERVLET> tags.

Servlets can be utilized for acquiring database information and presenting the results as an HTML table or free-form HTML pattern, and to store information submitted by a user through an HTML FORM. InstantOnline Basic uses JDBC to read and modify data in a database, providing support for all of the major database engines.

The Servlet API works natively or through 3rd-party add-ons, and is thus supported by all major Web Servers, along with Application Servers including Dynamo and NetDynamics.

The product is available now from Gefion software in three versions:

  • InstantOnline Basic 1.0 Evaluation (2 concurrent sessions) free
  • InstantOnline Basic 1.0 (10 concurrent sessions) $249.00
  • InstantOnline Basic 1.0 Pro (unlimited number of concurrent sessions) $499

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