Institute Provides Outlet for New Technology

In an attempt to facilitate new technology, research institute SCIENCE.ORG has created a community site designed to allow developers to upload and license intellectual property to the online community.

The purpose of Digital Marketplace is to provide a forum for creators of new ideas or technology to showcase and license their work, the organization said. Members interested in something found at the site can pay license fees and download the information for unlimited, royalty-free development use.

Membership in Digital Marketplace is free and is open to any owner of digital intellectual property who would like to sell royalty-free development licenses to their creations, the organization said.

Property already featured on the site includes source code; digital graphics, audio and video; music compositions and engineering technologies.

The organization said it is also working on providing an online seminar department where members can submit tutorials about their new products and ideas, and plans to offer a new site, Digital Collectibles, where collectible data will be available.

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