Intel, MetaCreations Announce Open File Format for 3D Content

Intel Corporation and MetaCreations Corporation this week
announced a new open PC file format designed to allow developers to create
“scalable 3-D” content for use in games and Web site-based applications.

The MetaStream 3-D file format–designed for the Intel Architecture–enables
authors to develop 3-D objects that will perform optimally using an average
Pentium II processor-based system. The MetaStream format is designed so
that it continues to improve a user’s experience if he or she upgrades to a faster processor in the future.

The two companies plan to publish the file format publicly, enabling
developers to create interoperable compatible content, tools, and applications using the new file format. Intel and MetaCreations will also continue to work independently to improve the MetaStream 3-D file format.

The MetaStream 3-D file format is designed to provide the end-user with
multi resolution control. Developers are able to set the detail or frame rate of these 3-D objects relative to the speed of the user’s computer, in an effort to ensure that they always have a consistent, high-quality view.

Starting today, developers can download the MetaStream viewer plug-in from the MetaStream Web site.

For more information about the MetaStream file format and its potential uses, visit the MetaStream Web site.

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