Interleaf Announces XML Support in Upcoming Product

Interleaf, Inc. this week at XML, The Conference, announced plans to release a product code-named “BladeRunner” that will use the eXtensible Markup Language (XML).

The XML tool is being developed in conjunction with Microstar Software Ltd. of Ontario, Canada.

Interleaf said BladeRunner is being designed as a visual XML document creation and authoring environment that will allow companies to fully realize the benefits of XML.

BladeRunner will include an integrated visual Data Type Definition (DTD)
modeling tool, a WYSIWYG authoring and assembly environment, and a publishing
engine that can be used by those without XML experience.

Interleaf’s new tool will basically be an assembly, authoring, and publishing
environment that employs visual modeling features to enable the creation of XML documents by XML beginners.

Interleaf said the product will allow developers to:

  • model new XML DTDs and author valid XML documents by generating document
  • assemble information created in a variety of authoring tools and
  • ensure the document is in compliance with a specified DTD
  • convert existing structured documents into revisable, valid XML documents
  • export and import validated XML documents
  • output documents in a variety of formats including HTML, XML, PDF, and others

Interleaf plans to initially release BladeRunner in the third quarter of the
year. Prices will be announced at that time. For more information, visit the
Interleaf Web site.

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