Intertop Speeds Up Web-based Business Applications

Intertop Corporation last week at Mecklermedia’s Summer Internet World announced its Internet Application Platform, a full-featured solution that allows businesses to create and deploy fast, efficient business applications on the Web.

The Internet Application Platform features the Intertop Application Server and i-Xpresso Integrated Development Environment. This package enables developers to create applications that speed up user response times while reducing server and network infrastructure requirements and lowering development costs.

Intertop’s Internet Application Platform is based on industry standards and written in Java. The tool features a scalable, high performance application server, support for any client, and a RAD (Rapid Application Development) environment that enables developers to utilize existing resources to deploy efficient applications.

Intertop-based applications retain user state information and use remote scripting to verify that only new or updated data travels over the network in response to client requests. This reduces server overhead for page generation while speeding application response time and reducing network bandwidth requirements.

A Single Developer License for Intertop’s Internet Application Platform retails for $995. For additional information, visit the Intertop Web site.

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