Keynote Announces Perspective Full Page Component Service

Keynote Systems
this week announced Keynote Perspective Full Page service, a new service
for administrators of rapidly changing Web sites.

The new offering analyzes and responds to the effect of Web-page structure
and content changes on the quality of service experienced by users. It
measures and profiles the user’s experience of downloading content from Web
sites, including all images and banner ads, to multiple global locations.
Site administrators can then use this data to tune their content for
optimal performance using internal goals and competitive benchmarks.

In addition to download times, the service provides detailed data to aid in
the diagnosis of performance problems including DNS-lookup time,
connection-setup time, time to first byte, redirect time, HTML-download
time, and component-download time. By using a Java-enabled Web browser,
anyone can view and analyze the component performance measurements and
failure rates.

Keynote Systems uses its Keynote Perspective service to measure the time
needed to access and download Web pages and their components using HTTP
(HyperText Transfer Protocol). The measurements are performed every 15
minutes from each of Keynotes 65 automated measurement locations around
the globe.

The Full Page Component service is available as a monthly or annual
subscription which is charged on a per-URL basis. The company is also
featuring a free one-week comparative performance appraisal to any company
that develops or runs a business Web site with a registered domain name. To
submit an application, visit the Keynote Web site.

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