Lotus Domino to Support XML, Microsoft’s COM

Lotus Development Corp. this week at
Fall Internet World 99 announced its Domino server Release 5 will support the
extensible markup language and Microsoft’s component object model.

The addition of these two technologies will enable organizations to
develop collaborative e-business applications that “build strong
relationships among employees, suppliers and customers.” Lotus hopes its support for XML and COM will reinforce Domino’s position as the “premier
platform for developing and deploying e-business applications.”

This latest release of Domino Application Server makes it easy to
incorporate XML into an organization’s business processes. Lotus Domino
provides a development environment for XML-based applications that enables organizations to leverage XML in their
collaborative e-business applications. With support for XML, it will become
easier to create an application infrastructure for tasks such as sending
and receiving orders between companies.

Domino’s architecture is said to allow developers to capture and exploit
the strengths of XML and its related technologies, including the Extensible Stylesheet Language. Using the LotusXSL processor, Domino is able to apply style sheets that are able to translate between disparate XML formats, or formats such as HTML.

Domino and the Notes Client’s support for Microsoft COM enables developers
to leverage their existing skills to create interactive applications that
can enrich the relationships among
people and organizations. By using Domino’s COM capabilities, developers
will be able to create Windows applications that utilize Domino workflow,
security, messaging and collaboration capabilties. Domino’s support for
Microsoft COM adds to its existing OLE automation support within Notes and Domino.

Support for Microsoft COM and XML will be available within 30 days as part of the quarterly update to Lotus Domino R5. Domino Application Server R5 sells for an estimated retail price of $1,795.

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