MetaCreations Releases Canoma 1.0

MetaCreations Corp. this week started shipping Canoma, its new software which enables Web developers to create photo-realistic 3-D models from 2-D photos or scanned images.

Canoma 3-D models can be used on Web sites, in electronic catalogs, imported into traditional 3-D modeling and animation packages or combined with MetaCreations’ MetaStream 3-D streaming technology for a complete solution for developing and distributing 3-D models on the Web.

Canoma provides developers with a way to easily edit images in perspective, or create and manipulate photo-realistic 3-D interactive models. Using a new approach called “image-assisted modeling,” the product enables those who may not consider themselves 3-D specialists to create convincing models of goods for sale, real estate walkthroughs and photo-quality property previews that are fully interactive.

Canoma provides new visualization technology for many different creative Web-based applications. The product utilizes an extremely compact MetaStream Internet file format, and supports other industry standard formats as well, enabling the models to be imported into 3-D modeling and animation software.

The new product is available via the Internet for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. For additional information about Canoma, or to purchase the product, visit MetaCreations’ Canoma Web site. Canoma sells for $499 with manual and CD, or $469 via electronic download.

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