Metaphoria: Dynamic Web Content From Anywhere

Pencom Web Works introduced this week Metaphoria Data Transformation Server (DTS) 1.1, software that culls digital information for display in a Web browser and generates Internet, intranet, and extranet pages that are tailored on the fly for each user.

Metaphoria DTS is designed for business users that want to provide quick and
easy access to data from multiple sources, especially legacy applications. Users can deliver access to the data regardless of where that data is stored and how it was created–to any desktop computer either across a corporate network or via the Internet.

Applications range from publishing to financial services and online commerce. These include:

  • Web sites that present the same content but use different layouts, graphics, and advertising, based on what site or network location the user accesses the content from, and the browser used to access the content.
  • Web sites that serve diverse user communities. Metaphoria DTS filters content based on security protocols to match a user’s access privileges.
  • Multilingual sites where the client’s domain address is used to select
    content in a specific language.
  • Commerce sites that customize content and features based on user profiles. These can include preferred payment methods, previous orders, interests, and user preferences.
  • Corporate intranets and customer-support extranets that supply preferred
    content to each employee or customer for personalized access to corporate
    data and communication with associates and workgroups.
  • Web sites that provide seamless access to large volumes of heterogeneous
    legacy data, without changing existing data maintenance procedures.

Metaphoria DTS is a Java Servlet that enables application developers to
divorce raw data from the way it is presented. Residing between the server and the data, it generates dynamic content based on templates and allows retrieval and presentation of thousands of pages of content based on as few as 10 or 20 templates.

In addition to local files, a Metaphoria DTS-enabled server may access
unstructured data through TCP/IP-based protocols, including HTTP, FTP, and
Gopher, as well as relational data via JDBC. This data may then be presented
using HTML, XML, VRML, and other markup languages.

Metaphoria DTS works with Apache and any commercial HTTP server that supports
the Java Servlet API, including commercial servers from Netscape, Microsoft, and IBM. Available immediately, Metaphoria DTS licenses are $25,000
per server.

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