MindSlate Offers Java Knowledgeware for Enterprise Java

MindSlate Inc., in an effort to attract the attention of enterprises interested in gaining the strategic information needed for utilizing the Java platform, developed an efficient and comprehensive solution called Java Knowledgeware.

MindSlate’s new Java Knowledgeware solution strategically presents the overall Java platform and enables companies to come to grips with the technology of Java. Java Knowledgeware not only covers the fundamental knowledge of the overall Java platform, but also corrects or replaces incorrect or outdated information.

MindSlate believes that Knowledgeware represents a new paradigm in traditional learning systems and seminars. The new learning tool–targeted at
management–focuses on the strategic importance of the Java platform.
Knowledgeware organizes the Java platform into nine modules, which enables
clients to select exactly the modules they need.

Companies looking at Knowledgeware as a solution can choose just the specific modules they want, or they can select from several pre-packaged series: one-day Introduction, two-day Standard, three-day Extended, or a special one-day
Enterprise series. Each module has a presentation time of two hours, and
typical knowledgeware sessions range from one to three days in length.

Benefits of using the Knowledgeware solution include:

  • Modular composition that allows the selection of relevant topics
  • On-site delivery that enables efficient use of staff time
  • Focus on the strategic benefits of Java, not just the technology itself
  • An expert presenter of Java strategies and former Sun Java Center Manager
  • Constant updates featuring new materials
  • Live software demonstrations of Java tools, including JavaStudio, JavaWorkshop, Java Web Server, HotJava, JavaStar, JavaSpec, JavaHelp, Swing components, JavaBlend, Java Wallet and more

For additional information on Knowledgeware, visit the MindSlate Web site, or
call MindSlate at 303-545-2300.

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