Netscape Debuts Latest Communicator Upgrade

Netscape Communications Corp.’s latest release of its Communicator Web client includes a fix for the recently publicized security issue known as “Long Filename Mail vulnerability.”

Although no incidents have been reported to Netscape, the company recommends that users upgrade to the newest Communicator 4.06 release in order to protect their computer systems from the potential e-mail vulnerability.

This new release also includes integration with Netscape Netcenter services, including new Smart Browsing features and a “My Netscape” toolbar button. Also new in this release is enhanced JDK 1.1 support that is sure to appeal to Java developers.

Communicator’s Smart Browsing tools result in a new concept in Web navigation that’s designed to enable users to locate information anywhere on the Internet in a quick and efficient manner.

First announced in the Communicator 4.5 preview release, the Smart Browsing features include Internet Keywords, What’s Related and NetWatch:

  • Internet Keywords allow users to access Web sites by typing regular words or simple “keywords” (instead of URLs) directly into the Navigator location bar
  • What’s Related provides users with a dynamically generated list of links to information that relates to the site that the user is visiting
  • NetWatch provides a mechanism for screening Internet content based on two PICS-compliant rating systems, RSACi and SafeSurf.

Communicator 4.06 is available now from the Netscape download area.

For additional information about Netscape or the Communicator Suite, visit the Netscape Web site.

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