Netscape’s Application Server to Support Sun’s Enterprise Javabeans Standard

Netscape Communications Corporation announced today it is adding extensive support for Sun Microsystem’s Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 1.0 technology in the next major version of the Netscape Application Server.

By including support for Enterprise JavaBean, the Netscape Application Server
will allow enterprise customers to rapidly develop and deploy applications by
leveraging the many tools, vendors, and independent software vendors that are
developing third-party application components and services based on
the new Enterprise JavaBeans standard.

Additionally, Enterprise JavaBean support will enable seamless
interoperability with other Enterprise JavaBean-compatible software and services, which will prevent non-cooperative applications from emerging in new Internet-based business solutions.

Netscape Application Server is the first product release to utilize the KIVA technology that Netscape recently acquired from KIVA Software.

For more information on the Netscape Application Server, visit the Netscape Web site.

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