New Ad Management Software Release

AdKnowledge, Inc., the result of
the merger between ClickOver and Focalink Communications, today announced
the availability of ClickWise 2, the newest version of its ad management
software for Web sites.

ClickWise 2 delivers enhanced inventory management and adds affiliate and
customizable reporting, a four-fold increase in throughput, and central ad
serving to its real-time, intelligent ad management.

ClickWise 2 is the only ad management system that automatically optimizes
a Web site’s ad inventory in real time. Balancing contractual obligations
to advertisers, ad targeting constraints, and user information, ClickWise 2
selects the optimal ad from the site’s inventory to serve to each
particular visitor. This prevents ads from being either under- or
overdelivered while enabling precise targeting of ads through
user-definable criteria.

ClickWise also maximizes Web publishers’ advertising profits by
streamlining manual processes. It performs in any environment, and is
unmatched in ease of deployment and use, flexibility, scalability, and
real-time reporting features.

ClickWise 2 will be available by the end of January from the AdKnowledge
Web site. For sites serving more than 10,000 ads per day, ClickWise 2
annual licenses start at $5,000.

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