New Product Offers Remote Content Management for NT Web Sites

Digital Vantage Point introduced DVP.HTMPlates, an online content management system for Windows NT that permits Web content writers to modify the content of particular pages within a Web site without any knowledge of HTML or traditional Web page development tools.

DVP.HTMPlates uses templates into which writers can submit new content
through an online form. The content can be simple text, graphics, or HTML
formatted text. The new content can either be automatically published, or
can require the electronic approval of a manager or Web administrator before it goes online. The system also manages access control via an online
administration page.

The system prevents users from modifying the look and feel of a site, while
providing a simple interface for publishing new content. Web administrators
can add remote content management capabilities to any HTML page.
Administrators simply add a few custom tags to the original HTML file to
create a template. The new template is used to format the content of
particular pages on the Web site.

The WinCGI version of DVP.HTMPlates uses server side code to combine new
content with templates to create and save updated, static “.htm” files on
the site.

Digital Vantage Point is also developing a dynamic version of DVP.HTMPlates
that will use Active Server Pages and SQL Server to dynamically create each
page of the site as it is requested. The new version will support context
sensitive content as well as enhanced statistical tracking.

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