Northern Light Launches XML Portal

XML (Extensible Markup Language) has been getting a lot of attention lately. And understandably. The technology is promising to change the way we use the Internet. Developers are no longer thinking in terms of HTML but have started looking at XML as the future of data transmission. Industry confidence in XML is obvious. For example, Microsoft, purveyor of leading technology, has based its new .NET Web strategy on XML in the belief that it is truly the answer that we have been looking for.

So if you are new to this whole XML thing or an experienced XML developer, where can you go to find the most basic information mixed with advanced technical resources? You can start at the Northern Light Special Edition(TM) Web site for XML. Northern Light, a search engine and information resource, today announced the launch of an Internet portal for everything XML.

The presence of this specialized Web site demonstrates how important XML technology is becoming in the world of the Internet. Northern Light claims that this is “the Web’s single most definitive site for anyone who needs to understand or deploy this important standard.” And looking at the site, it is hard to argue with that claim.

The site has enough information to keep beginners as well as the Web-savvy occupied. With XML news, tutorials for all levels of experience with XML, links to other XML-dedicated Web sites, information on XML protocols, developer resources, XML transformation and style sheets and XML conference and event information, the site is a comprehensive portal for learning about the technology, furthering your existing understanding or developing applications using XML.

“By providing a standardized computer-to-computer data exchange, XML offers each market and industry the opportunity to develop its own open interfaces placing the Web at the center of all communications between businesses and their customers, vendors and partners,” said David Seuss, CEO of Northern Light. “Combining our editorial capabilities with Northern Lights extensive database of both Web and non-Web content, Northern Light hopes to help our corporate and individual users understand this important new technology.”

Yet more than just an information site, the Special Edition for XML offers perspectives on how XML is transforming Web communication as we know it. XML is more than the next phase of HTML; it is a whole new way of thinking about how information is transmitted across the Internet, and it is affecting the development of new technologies by demonstrating how flexible the Internet can be in terms of communication between diverse applications and hardware. Anyone taking even a casual tour of the site can begin to understand how XML is integral to the next generation of the Internet for the average user, businesses and the government.

For more information on XML and Northern Light, also visit’s sister site, Search Engine Watch.

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