OASIS XML Conformance Test Suite Released

OASIS Friday released the OASIS XML Conformance Test Suite – a set of more than 1,000 tests that
determine the ability of XML parsers to handle test cases built on the W3C recommendation.

The OASIS XML Conformance Test Suite incorporates tests developed by the
OASIS technical committee with those contributed by Sun Microsystems, Fuji, Xerox Information Systems and James Clark.

The test suite covers much of the XML 1.0 specification and uses XML to
provide this testing environment. The aim of the suite, according to OASIS, is to increase the conformity to the XML recommendation.

Each set of contributed tests were validated against a set of locally
installed parsers and augmented with test descriptions and pointers to the specific production under test, ensuring that each test was well-grounded
in the recommendation.

This information was encapsulated in an XML test
description file for each set of tests, and then generated into a report
using the supplied XSL stylesheets.

The posted OASIS XML Conformance Test Suite is a first release and is
available for downloaded here.

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