Object/FX Releases SpatialX 1.2

Object/FX Corporation today announced the release of Version 1.2 of its SpatialX Java product, a suite of high-level Java software components that utilize relational databases to allow geographic visualization in enterprise-wide applications.

SpatialX includes both JavaBeans and Java Classes that may be used to create client/server applications.

Among SpatialX 1.2’s new features is a powerful new Open Display Architecture
that provides dynamic data visualization for transportation and logistics, customer service, Supply Chain Management, telecommunications, and defense and intelligence organizations.

The architecture of SpatialX gives developers greater control over map layers
and the interactive objects that are on those layers. Users have the ability to visualize enterprise information through interactive, real-time map displays.

SpatialX 1.2 is available now, and includes:

  • JavaBeans
  • Java Classes
  • sample map data
  • multiple source code examples
  • ObjectMapper database construction utility

Object/FX is offering different pricing plans for SpatialX based on the needs
of the developer. For additional information about SpatialX 1.2, visit the
Object/FX Web site.

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