Parasoft Announces Pre-Release of jtest! V1.1

ParaSoft Corp. today announced the pre-release of jtest! v1.1, the bug-finding system for applications written in the Java programming language.

jtest! automatically locates and reports any bugs found in Java code, speeding up the testing period while increasing the program’s reliability.

Java developers using jtest! can find where the input is being mishandled in
the Java code, enabling them to fix the code to make it more able to deal with anything the end user is likely to do. The pre-release version of jtest! v1.1 features a new user interface that simplifies the developer’s interaction with the tool.

The new jtest! user interface makes the tool more user friendly and
accessible, and ParaSoft hopes its addition will encourage more users to utilize the jtest! technology.

jtest! is available for the Microsoft Windows 95/NT platforms, and will sell
for a retail price of $495. For more information about ParaSoft or the jtest!
bug-finding system, visit the ParaSoft Web site.

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