Paravision Imaging Releases Creation Solution

Document capture technology software vendor Paravision Imaging Inc. Monday rolled out a new-generation XML content capture and creation solution
for the XML content management market.

Called PageGenie XMLCapture Architecture, Paravision Imaging’s product
will offer a set of comprehensive XML content management tools that provide
intuitive and easy-to-use XML content creation, publishing, and

With enterprises adopting and implementing XML-driven enterprise
information portals (EIPs) to enhance their information capabilities to
remain competitive, content managers are facing ever-increasing pressure to
create, publish, and maintain quality XML content. As corporate EIPs are
quickly implemented, more knowledge workers will participate in the
creation, publication and maintenance of XML contents.

PageGenie XMLCapture represents an important advance in XML content
technology development, according to a statement released by Paravsion
Imaging. Current XML tools on the market are designed for “programming”
professionals and lack the user friendly features required for Desktop
Knowledge Workers, a statement released by Paravision Imaging said.
PageGenie XMLCapture is the next-generation XML tool designed for everyday
knowledge users.

Based on an intuitive “print-to-XML” concept, the new architecture is
designed to “XML-enable” virtually any software to generate high quality XML
documents without the need for plug-ins or the abandonment of familiar
authoring tools. Users can continue writing XML content within their
favorite authoring environments, thus causing to disruptions to

“First-generation XML tools on the market today are designed for
programming professionals which require users’ intensive XML training and in
most cases giving up familiar authoring environments. PageGenie XML
technology is designed to empower these knowledge users to author XML
contents continue using their familiar tools,” said Dr. Evan Huang,
president and co-founder of Paravision.

Founded in 1997, Paravision Imaging, initially developed advanced
document capture technologies for OEM and Consumer customers. PageGenie
Full Color PDF Capture/OCR Software was first introduced in 1998. Since
PageGenie Pro 4.0’s introduction earlier this year, Paravision has sought to
maintain its leadership in the document capture market by regularly
advancing its technologies and expanding its feature set options.

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