Pixel Translations Announces New Toolkit for Java

Pixel Translations, a division of Input Software, Inc., today announced PixTools for Java, a pure Java toolkit that includes a rich set of JavaBeans designed to deal with the client-based decompression and display of images.

The PixTools toolkit comes with everything needed to develop platform-independent imaging clients, or add additional document imaging
capabilities to Java client applications and applets.

Pixel Translations said the tool has been beta tested for the last several months, and added that it gathered and utilized the feedback from the beta testers to further improve the product.

The PixTools Java toolkit is actually Java “beans” which allow the toolkit to
seamlessly integrate with Java development tools, including those from IBM,
Sun, Symantec, and others. Many of the beta testers have already used the toolkit with browser-based or cross-platform development projects, according to Pixel Translations.

Key features of the first release include:

  • High speed display of binary images, with zoom, scroll, and rotate
  • Scale-to-gray capabilities
  • Image printing
  • Client-based file handling and decompression of TIFF/G3, TIFF/G4, and JBIG
  • Sample code, including complete source code for a sample viewer applet

PixTools for Java toolkit is scheduled for release later this quarter, with pricing expected to be $2,995 and license fees to be charged on a per-server or per-site basis. For additional information, visit the Input Software Web site.

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