R Programming Language Gets Commercial Boost

Just what we needed, another one-letter programming language, but R has something unique and special to offer. It’s a highly vertical language with a specific and dedicated use. R is used to do statistical analysis, modeling and visualization work.

Up to now, it’s been an open source project, which means commercial support was meager. That’s about to change, as R is about to get a new business push, with new features important to the very markets that could use it. Developer.com has the details on the upgrade.

The open source R language has been in use by statisticians to do data analysis, predictive modeling and visualization for over a decade. This week, R is set to undergo a revolution of sorts with a revamped commercial effort that is aiming to advance the language’s adoption.

Commercial R vendor Revolution Computing has been in the market for the past two years and is now rebranding itself as Revolution Analytics. The company is also rolling out a new roadmap for its R tools that it hopes will expand the market.

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Open Source R Language Undergoes a Commercial Revolution

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