SimpleNet to Support HoTMetaL Application Server

SimpleNet this week announced it signed a licensing agreement with SoftQuad Inc. under which it will offer support for the SoftQuad HoTMetaL Application Server, a powerful Web application development environment.

The agreement builds upon SimpleNet’s strategy to increase the value-added
services it offers to the Web development community. The HoTMetaL Application
Server enables developers to create robust, interactive applications for
e-commerce, customer service, personalized content, and more.

The support for the HoTMetaL Application Server is being promoted as just another of the value-added resources that SimpleNet provides its customers free-of-charge.

SimpleNet, by offering support for the HoTMetal Application Server, is now a
charter member of the HoTMetaL Power Partner Program, announced this week by
SoftQuad. The Power Partner Program was developed as a comprehensive marketing program which helps to promote companies such as SimpleNet for providing the HoTMetaL Application Server support as a part of their services.

The HoTMetaL Application Server includes a built-in database with full ODBC
support, along with a complete security framework. Developers can set the
security globally, by group, by domain or even at the single user level,
enabling the IPP to retain full control over the server configuration.

HoTMetaL Application Server supports most of the common industry standards,
and delivers browser independent applications. The tool is available for multiple platforms–include Windows 95/NT, Solaris, SGI-IRIX, Linux, Unix, and FreeBSD–providing developers with the flexibility they need.

For additional information about the HoTMetal Application Server, or the new
agreement between SimpleNet and SoftQuad Inc., visit the SimpleNet and
SoftQuad Inc. Web sites.

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