SiteGarden Web Publishing Service Debuts

SiteGarden this
week debuted its new Web publishing system that allows non-programmers to
create and maintain Web sites online without the need for additional
software or technical expertise.

Users can log on using a Web browser and start developing their Web site.
SiteGarden is an online Web site creation system for people who want “more
power and features than online services like Homestead, IBM HomePage
Creator and Zyweb can offer.”

Key features of the new SiteGarden service include:

  • Full text search capability
  • Automatic appearance, archiving and deletion of documents
  • Site navigation adjusts to new content automatically and dynamically
  • Comprehensive site statistics reporting
  • Ability to change the entire look and feel of site merely by changing a
  • Document approval system
  • Able to create and edit in a Web browser
  • No software to purchase or download
  • No file transfers
  • Supports fully self-contained Internet/Intranet sites, but can also be
    seamlessly incorporated into existing web sites

SiteGarden does not require any programming skills or knowledge of HTML to
feature-rich Web sites. No software is required, as SiteGarden hosts both
the authoring tool and the virtual Web site. Sites are “grown” on the
SiteGarden server using a point and click interface. Maintenance and
changes can also be accomplished without any programming, and developers
can collaborate on pages with others.

Web developers can become SiteGarden partners, if approved, and they will
receive a free Web site and 20% of the first 12 months SiteGarden revenue.
An introductory launch package is available until the end of November,
starting at $2350 for 12 months of service. For additional information,
visit the SiteGarden Web site.

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