SiteSweeper 2.0 Enterprise Edition Introduced

Site Technologies, Inc. this week announced SiteSweeper 2.0 Enterprise Edition, a server-based Web site quality analysis tool for corporate Web environments.

SiteSweeper 2.0 Enterprise Edition is based on Site Technologies’ workstation edition of SiteSweeper 2.0, which first shipped in October of 1997. The Enterprise Edition, currently in beta, is expected to ship in May of this year.

Because the tool is server-based and runs on Microsoft NT 4.0 (with Microsoft Internet Information Server), users can both cut the cost of ownership through single-point installation, administration and upgrades, and avoid overhead on client machines, as the server processes all the functions.

Using the latest Web crawling and database technology, SiteSweeper 2.0
Enterprise Edition enables administrators to remotely “sweep” their sites from any client using a Web browser. Coupled with SiteSweeper’s new automatic e-mail notification and scheduling enhancements, this greatly strengthens the product’s value for on-the-go professionals.

The product checks seven areas and locates defects, including 26 types of broken links and anchors. Also detected are slow pages, missing Alt attributes, width and height indicators, Meta tags, distorted images, and problems with page titles. The tool generates six types of customized reports, and provides Visual Quality Indicators or charts that graphically show the report information.

SiteSweeper 2.0 Enterprise Edition retails for $795 for a single Web site license or $4,995 for a multi-Web site license edition. The SiteSweeper 2.0 workstation edition is priced at $295.

For additional information, visit the Site Technologies Web site.

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