Snowbound Releases Raster Imaging Development Tool

Snowbound Software this week announced
the release of the first member of its RasterMaster/Java family of imaging

This imaging class library for Java gives developers who are creating Java
applications that utilize TIFF and/or other raster images a
high-performance solution.

Using the RasterMaster/Java class library, programmers can include raster
images such as TIFF and BMP into their applets and applications. This
means that even in a 100% Java environment developers are now free
to incorporate black and white or color images in situations where they
need to work with scanned or archived material.

A true Java class library, RasterMaster/Java is written in 100%
Java, meaning that it is a truly portable solution. Functions that are
currently implemented include image decompression, display, rotation,
panning, scrolling, zooming, and anti-aliased display.

Formats that are supported include BMP and TIFF. Although the TIFF
subformats include Group 4, Group 3, Fax, Huffman, compressed and
uncompressed, it is all accomplished using a library that is less than

RasterMaster/Java 1.0 can be purchased for a retail price of $995 for the
developer’s toolkit, with customized versions also available. For more
information, or an evaluation copy, visit the Snowbound Software Web site.

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