SPG Unveils Filter Tools for Photoshop

SPG this week announced the release of SPG Filter Tools for Photoshop, a release that includes tools designed to enhance Photoshop’s ability to load, manage, and apply Plug-in Filters.

SPG’s new Plug-in Filter Navigator allows Photoshop to load, manage, and use up to 3,000 filter plug-ins at a time, while the Plug-in Filter Stacker enables Photoshop to preview and apply multiple filter plug-ins to images simultaneously.

Using the SPG Plug-in Filter Navigator, a designer can determine which plug-in filters appear on the Photoshop menu or within the SPG Plug-in Filter Navigator. They can also reset the Plug-in Filter Navigator to a use a different plug-ins directory dynamically without restarting Photoshop.

The SPG Plug-in Filter Stacker allows designers to select up to 50 plug-in filters to stack at a time, and displays the current plug-in filters with the ability to add, remove, and change their settings.

SPG Filter Tools for Photoshop sells for a retail price of $49.95.
For additional information, specs or to download a demo version of SPG Filter Tools for Photoshop, visit the SPG Web site.

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