Subversion Lightens Developers’ Load With Edge

Subversion’s source code management (SCM) application is a favorite among developers, but couldn’t it be a little simpler? Yes, it turns out, it could.

Collabnet, the leading commercial sponsor behind the project, has released Subversion Edge, a new open source application that bundles Subversion SCM with an Apache Web server, as well as a user interface and Web management console. takes a look at Subversion’s integrated offering.

The open source Subversion source code management (SCM) application is one of the most widely used applications for managing code. Yet despite its popularity over the years, it has always required developers to figure out how to install it, not to mention a Web server and user interface.

Collabnet, the lead commercial sponsor behind the Subversion project, is now aiming to make it easier for developers to install and use Subversion with the new Subversion Edge open source application. With Subversion Edge, the core Subversion SCM is bundled with an Apache Web server, the ViewVC user interface and a Web management console in an integrated offering. The idea behind Subversion Edge is to enable developers to more easily install, deploy and manage Subversion, which in turn will help further expand usage of Subversion.

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Subversion Open Source Code Control Hits the Edge

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