Sun Rolls Out New Personal Java Platform

Sun Microsystems Inc. this
week announced the release of the latest version of its PersonalJava
application environment.

Sun developed the PersonalJava application programming interface (API) for
network-connectable consumer devices, typically used for communications,
mobile computing and entertainment applications. Sun stated that
manufacturers can utilize the PersonalJava platform for developing devices
which have Internet access, enabling users to check their email or browse
the Web in locations where even laptops would be unusual.

A graphical tool kit called “Truffle” that is included in version 3.0 will
“simplify the construction of consumer-oriented graphical user interfaces,”
according to Sun. The tool kit will enable device manufacturers to
customize the specific looks of their GUI, allowing companies to get away
from the standard looking user interface.

Sun stated that many companies have already licensed the platform as a part
of their plans to create consumer devices. To view the complete
PersonalJava specification, visit the Sun PersonalJava Web

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