Tek-Tools Announces Kawa Version 3.20

Tek-Tools Inc. Monday released KAWA 3.20, a major revision of its Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

KAWA now features a Plug-In Applications Programming Interface (API) that is based on Java technology and facilitates seamless application development and integration.

KAWA’s advanced API enables the integration of other development tools with KAWA, and enables developers to integrate their own Java programs, thus extending the IDE’s functionality. The new API also enables better source control integration and provides users with the flexibility needed to customize their projects. KAWA 3.20 also ships with a new debugger which supports both JDK 1.1 and Java 2.

This release of KAWA 3.20 supports Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 and NT 4.0 platforms, and is available as a 30-day free evaluation. Pricing starts at $59 for a single developer license, with special academic and volume quantity pricing is available.

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