Tetranet Unveils Metabot Pro 1.0

Tetranet Software Inc. this week announced the release of Metabot Pro 1.0, the automated Metatag creation, insertion and testing tool. Using a spreadsheet style interface, Metabot Pro allows users to generate and manage Metadata. This enables developers to view the Metatags in their HTML files, insert Metatags into multiple files, and test for Metatag standard compliance.

Metatags identify the properties of an HTML document, including keywords, author, subject, abstract and last modified date. Developers use Metatags to view summary information about an HTML document, while software programs use Metatags to index HTML documents.

The features of Metabot Pro 1.0 enable developers to:

  • View Metatags in a spreadsheet style interface
  • Edit the contents of your Metatags using a simple interface
  • Add or edit the Metatags of thousands of files at once
  • Enforce Metatag standards across teams
  • Support the most popular Metatag standards, including standards like Dublin Core and GILs
  • Generate keywords automatically
  • Classify documents in subject hierarchies

Metabot Pro 1.0 is available from Tetranet Software for $495 per Single User license, or $1,495 for a 10 User license. For additional information, or to download a free 15-day evaluation copy, visit the Tetranet Web site.

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