Thin Java Client Simplifies Distributed Object Computing

POET Software today announced the beta version of POET 5.1 Object Server Suite, an ultra-thin pure Java client solution that allows companies to develop distributed applications with minimal knowledge of CORBA.

Flexible deployment of business logic and ease of connecting to an object request broker (ORB), combined with the elimination of code required for translating Java objects to rows and columns, help improve the time-to-market and performance of distributed applications.

POET Java SDK allows business logic to be written once and then deployed as
either client code or application-server code. For three-tiered
applications, the pure Java ultra-thin client makes use of a CORBA broker
or remote method implication (RMI) and only needs a minimal one-time
download to the client to enable full database functionality.

For local and client/server applications that are not distributed, POET 5.1 also supports a “full” client architecture that allows full client-side object cache management and local storage capabilities.

The beta test program of POET 5.1 is immediately available. POET’s Java
SDK, which supports a “Full” and an “Ultra-Thin” client, is included in
POET’s Object Server Suite 5.1 and will be generally available in the
second quarter of 1998.

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