Trellix to Deliver HTML Via E-Mail

Trellix Corporation today
announced the beta release of the Trellix Trelligram Utility, a Web content
distribution solution.

The Trellix Trelligram Utility enables users for the first time to e-mail
multiple graphics-rich HTML files, streamlining the distribution of Web
content. For users, this provides greater flexibility and ease-of-use
versus posting files to Web sites, “FTP”-ing files, or using extraction

To open a Trelligram file, recipients simply double-click on the attachment
icon, which launches the browser, enabling them to read and browse through
the HTML files on their desktop just as they would a Web site.

“Trellix Trelligram provides a simple way to share even complex, linked Web
pages or documents by leveraging the power of HTML and the ubiquity of Web
browsers,” said Chris Shipley, editor of “Demoletter.”

“In the future, I would expect to see the Trelligram technology
incorporated into any
business and consumer application that creates digital content intended to
be shared electronically.”

The Trelligram technology is based on industry standard protocols such as
HTTP, HTML, and other Web-related technology. The Trelligram Creator
packages the HTML and related files the user specifies, including GIF,
JPEG, XML, DHTML and other browser-compatible formats, along with a special
program, the Trelligram Delivery Service, into a single Trelligram file.

When the Trelligram file is launched by double-clicking on the
icon, a special program locates and starts the reader’s browser (Netscape
Navigator, Internet Explorer, etc.) and sends it a special URL to open.

Trelligram files automatically execute a local HTTP server provided by
Trelligram on the reader’s PC, serving files to the browser using industry
standard protocols. Users may also “unpack” a Trelligram file and save the
HTML and other Web-related files to disk.

A Trelligram file is a standard Windows 95 or NT executable file and can be
checked by standard virus checkers, as well as renamed, copied, etc. like
any other program file.

The Trelligram Utility is also shipped as an add-on to Trellix 1.0.
Award-winning Trellix 1.0, shipped in November 1997, is the only office
application designed specifically for producing multipage, graphical, HTML
Web documents.

The Trelligram Utility installs itself automatically on the Trellix 1.0
file menu, making it easy for Trellix users to share their work.

Trellix 1.0 is available now for download for systems running Windows 95
and Windows NT at an estimated street price of US$99. For more information,
visit the company’s Web site.

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