USA Business Networks Introduces “Rivista”

USA Business Networks unveiled
Rivista this week, a software suite designed to automate the Web site
creation and maintenance process.

USA Business Networks claims the Web publishing tool can reduce development
costs by up to 50 percent and maintenance costs by 60 percent in the long

Designed for publishing companies and professional Web publishers, Rivista
uses server-side application deployment and Active Server Page (ASP)
technology, and utilizes automated processes in order to streamline the
standard Web publishing operations.

According to USA Business Networks, Rivista reduces the “time to market”
for launching a Web site because it provides an 80% “out of the box”
solution by using page/section templates and modules that greatly reduce
the typical development time for Web sites.

The Rivista software is designed to eliminate or minimize the need for
specialized Web site staff, as no HTML or Web programming skills are needed.

Notable Rivista features:

  • enables authors and editors to manage content directly
  • provides secure, remote submission of content using a Web browser
  • reduces development costs by eliminating the need for re-keying and
  • automatic hyper-link verification

Additionally, Rivista includes a comprehensive tracking and reporting
structure which is used for the analysis of log files, and provides
standard and custom reports.

For additional information about Rivista, visit the USA Business Network
Web site, or send e-mail to Steve

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