Visualize to Support Java 2 and Release Free Paint Classes

Visualize, Inc. this week announced that its VantagePoint software will support the new Java 2 Platform and will take advantage of Sun Microsystems Java 2D API. VantagePoint is a class library used to create high-end Java graphics for viewing and reporting data using interactive two- and three-dimensional charts and graphs.

The upcoming release of VantagePoint in January 99 will take advantage of specific features found in the new Java 2D API. The new features allow presentation quality graphs and charts to be generated. Visualize created a selection of Paint classes which enable shapes to be filled with patterns and gradients.

Visualize realized that while Java 2 does provide some simple Paint classes, the capabilities of these are limited, and documentation detailing the creation of new Paint classes is not available at this time. The company believes that their own Paint classes will help to realize the possibilities of Sun’s new Java platform.

The Visualize Paint classes will be offered for free from Visualize, Inc.’s Web site so developers can use them in their own Java applets and applications. Classes offered will include check, circle, oval, rainbow, and wave.

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