WebLogic Java App Server Supports Dynamic Web Content

WebLogic announced that its Tengah application server will support Web page compilation with Java, HTML and session management support, enabling developers to create dynamic
HTML content using leading third party Web publishing tools.

Session tracking will enable the creation of richly interactive Web applications by allowing the system to remember information about the user.

Tengah Release 3.1 is the first application server to support Java HTML
(JHTML) and session tracking, complying with Java enterprise standards to
unify Web, database, and distributed component technologies.

Tengah enables developers to seamlessly build dynamic Web pages by
combining Java business logic with the output of standard HTML editors. The
Tengah Web page compilation process does not require developers to write
PERL and CGI scripts, or to restrict their content by using proprietary

Tengah, which was developed entirely in Java, supports most databases, Java development tools, and Web publishing tools.

Pricing for Tengah will start at $9,995 per server (the product is in beta
at this time). For additional information about Tengah, visit the WebLogic
Web site.

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