WebPromote’s META Tag Builder Gets Netscape Plug

WebPromote today announced that
Netscape has taken note of its META Tag Builder tool, and has included a
link to the tool in
the Frequently Asked
(FAQ) page of the popular Netscape Search

The META Tag Builder is a free utility that Web developers use to quickly,
easily, and automatically add META keyword, description, etc. tags to their
Web pages.

A lot of the popular Web search engines use META tags to search
for pages that contain words that have been requested in the user’s
search criteria.

To use the WebPromote META Tag Builder, the developer enters the site’s
URL, e-mail address, and other basic information into the Tag Builder form.
META Tag Builder then automatically visits the site, and after analyzing
the content, creates an updated version of the page, including the most
appropriate META tags for the site in the page’s code.

The new version is e-mailed to the developer, who may then update their Web
site with the optimized code.

WebPromote has recently incorporated Rank This!, a tool that developers
use to pinpoint the ranking of their site by the popular search engines.

For more information on WebPromote, the META Tag Builder, or Rank This!,
visit the WebPromote Web site.

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