WebSideStory Announces Hitbox Tracker

this week announced the release of HitBOX Tracker, its free HTML-based Web
site traffic analysis tool.

HitBOX Tracker can be found downloaded from the HitBOX Web site.. Site
administrators can begin analyzing a site by adding a few lines of code to
a Web page.

New features in HitBOX Tracker include a “referring data” section which
shows where visitors came from, which domains and URLs send the most
traffic to the site and which banner ads are the most effective.
Additionally, the tool generates more than 125 statistics to provide
in-depth site analysis and reporting. This provides answers to the typical
questions that administrators ponder, increasing traffic and building revenue.

HitBOX Tracker features carried over from the original HitBOX include
impressions, unique visitors, reloads, new visitors, one-hour return and
same-day return visitors. Statistics may be viewed in HTML or Java.

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