WebSideStory Releases New HitBox Products

WebSideStory, a vendor
specializing in products for Internet-based Web audience analysis, this week released four new tools targeted at Webmasters.

The four products, HitBox Doctor, HitBox Search, HitBox Submit, and
HitBox Poll are designed to help Webmasters improve the quality and exposure
of their Web sites through site
diagnostics, automatic search engine submissions, and various features (such
as interactive polls and site search engines).

HitBox is WebSideStory’s flagship technology. It offers accurate,
real-time Web audience and analysis services.

  • HitBox Doctor: Users enter a URL, and within seconds the
    HitBox Doctor analyzes the site for broken links, HTML syntax, spelling,
    load time and metatags, which it then lists in a detailed report that
    highlights strengths and weaknesses of the site.
  • HitBox Search: This tool allows users to search a single site,
    along with hundreds of thousands of Web site listings at WebSideStory’s Yep.com, a Web portal that ranks sites
    by quality and popularity.
  • HitBox Submit: Webmasters enter their URL with HitBox Submit, and
    sites are automatically registered with as many as 17 major search engines,
    including Lycos, Excite, and AltaVista.
  • HitBox Poll: HitBox Poll gives Webmasters the ability to pose
    any question they want to users, whether for entertainment purposes or to
    garner information from them.

These new tools can be downloaded free of charge from
WebSideStory’s site.

Founded in 1996, WebSideStory provides Internet technologies and services
designed to bridge the gap between Web sites and their audiences. Its
products are HitBox, a powerful Web audience analysis service; HitBox.com, a
Webmaster resource center and community of independent Web sites;
StatMarket.com, a highly accurate source of data on Internet user trends;
and Yep.com, a unique Web portal that ranks sites by popularity and quality.

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