WhataDomain.com Announces Affiliate Program

WhataDomain.com recently debuted the WhataDomain Internet affiliate program, designed to generate revenues of up to $15,000 per click-through for its Internet partners.

WhataDomain.com features nearly 1,000 premium domain names for sale, and includes a list of names that encompass a wide range of topics. Users can search by keyword or browse through 33 general categories. WhataDomain.com’s ClickTrade program pays its Affiliate members a commission for each customer click-through that results in the successful sale of a domain name, or results in the use of the WhataDomain.com domain name consulting services.

Members of the WhataDomain.com Affiliate program earn 15 percet of every sale–which can range from $500 to $100,000. Instead of the traditional 50-cent to $1 commissions usually aquired from the sale of items like books, CDs or MP3s, Web site owners have the potential to earn between $75 and $15,000 per click-through.

The domains that are offered by WhataDomain.com can be the basis of a cash sale, Joint Venture partnership, revenue sharing, equity or any such combination. The company also provides a fee-based domain consulting service for individuals and companies.

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